Amanda Hoffmann: Pinterest Part 1

Podcast Episode 35 – Part 1 of Pinterest Series for Bloggers featuring Amanda Hoffmann

Amanda Hoffman: “As a small business owner, I relate first hand how stressful using social media and blogging can be. I hope that by sharing my own personal journey and knowledge with you in this 3 part series, these Pinterest will no longer be quite as scary as it seems.

aussie bloggers podcastAs a blogger, are you wondering …. Can Pinterest help me? …. Where to start?

In this episode, am going to share with you what has helped me to gain 11,000 pinterest followers and how you can grow this too!

Let me just share with you, that there is no fast quick fix solution when it comes to social media, connecting with potential clients or even gaining a large reader base for your blog. It is a lot of hard, focused and consistent work to achieve. As a small business owner, you owe it to yourself and your family to at least give social media a good six months.”


In the meantime, part one of this series with Amanda Hoffman will help you to understand:

  • Why bloggers should use Pinterest
  • How Amanda went from a thousand followers to 8000 followers in a week
  • Who you should be following in Pinterest
  • What setting your ‘search privacy’ should be set on
  • The step by step to use for bloggers to get started with Pinterest
  • Why your photo matters
  • How to create a Pinterest Board
  • How many Pinterest Boards you need
  • Why you need to align your categories with your boards
  • What is a collaborator and why use them
  • Why set your foundations in Pinterest
  • How to update your Pinterest Profile

Amanda’s Favourite Pinterest Peeps to Follow:

Cynthia Sanchez – Oh So Pinteresting

Peg Fitzpatrick


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