Amy Stevens

Podcast Episode 45 – Travel Blogging and Partnerships

Amy Stevens was born and raised in Australia and has worked in areas as diverse as veterinary nursing, amy stevens aussie bloggers podcastcorporate television, office administration, security and health care. She relocated to Namibia after falling in love with wildlife photographer, filmmaker and author Austin Stevens. Amy spent a total of three years travelling with Austin across southern Africa and around the world. They are now settled in Australia. Amy launched the blog ‘African Adventures’ in 2016, which describes the highs and lows of adventure wilderness travel and is accompanied by her husband’s spectacular wildlife and scenic photography.

During her interview with Tan and Amanda, Amy discusses:

  • How Amy and Austin first met
  • How her blog first began
  • How she built an online presence before even starting her blog
  • Where she taps into people on social media
  • The challenges of beginning a new blog
  • How to begin your new blog
  • Getting her blog online within 7 days

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