Aravind Krishnan: Making Money Grow on Trees

Aravind Krishnan Reveals his Secret Blogging Strategies to Making Your Blog a Marketing Success!

Podcast Episode 44 – Interview featuring Aravind Krishnan from Money Grows on Trees

Aravind Krishnan is a consumer marketing expert from Sydney with a passion for environmental sustainability.aravind krishnan aussie bloggers podcast

After more than a decade working here and abroad in some of the world’s largest companies, Aravind decided to take on his biggest marketing challenge yet – how to convince everyday Australians that a sustainable lifestyle was not only easily achievable, but also financially rewarding.

The result was Money Grows on Trees, which took Aravind more than 4 years to research, write and build (alongside a busy day job). Launched in April 2016, Money Grows on Trees aims to show households how they can cut their carbon footprints and save money in doing so, simply by making more informed decisions on how they buy and use appliances.

Aravind’s goal is to make it easier for everyone to be part of the environmental movement.

Aside from marketing and the environment, Aravind’s other passions include live music, running and his beloved Penrith Panthers Rugby League team.

Listen here…

Aravind discusses:

  • How he discovered blogging
  • His blog and how Money Grows on Trees came to life
  • How his blog helps people save money as well as cutting their carbon footprints
  • How research helped him get his blog off the ground
  • How credibility can help your own blog
  • Establishing your story so that readers will read it
  • Why one product is better than another and how to show that to your readers
  • Crafting your blog as a commercial venture
  • Turning your blog into your day job and how it can be done
  • Why he makes his information free while still deriving an income from it
  • Partnering with others to build a sustainable income
  • Adapting your blog to use his own model
  • Why blogging can be the catalyst for other ideas

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