Beatrice Brown: Marketing Your Blog

Podcast Episode 46 – Online Marketing and Getting Email Subscribers

beatrice brown aussie bloggers podcastBeatrice Brown has been an online marketer since 2009. When she took on a mentor and actually learned what IM was all about. She started her coaching business, in 2010 with another IM partner. But due to her mother’s illness she had to leave the IM world for over a year and a half.
She is now back and is preparing to take on students again. She is also involved in the biggest e-learning university and encourages women that it’s so important to have a mentor in their online business, and uses the university platform for people to get the support they need with anything they are finding difficult with their online business.

During our interview with Beatrice, she talks intimately about:

  • Why she felt confused about blogging when she first began
  • Why she had to unsubscribe to all her email subscriptions
  • The path to getting to 78000 subscribers on her email list
  • How to focus on one task
  • What a Call to Action really is
  • How to make your Call to Action not so intimidating
  • The difference between personal blogs and business blogs
  • The truth about your ‘About Me’ page
  • What your About Me page should really say

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