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Tan Shares the History of Blogging and the Importance of Sharing
your Cancer Story in her Interview with Amanda

Podcast Episode 4 – Interview about blogging, featuring Amanda interviewing TanBlogging and Tan

Tan first interviewed Amanda in Episode 2.

Now Amanda finally gets to interview Tan to discuss her new blog,, and how it came to be in 2015. They also discuss what blogging was all about when Tan began teaching it over a decade ago, and where the word ‘blogging’ actually came from.

Tan has been involved in the online world since the late 90’s and shares her tips, tricks and expertise on blogging and wordpress in this interview with co-host, Amanda.

In this episode, you learn:

  • Tan shares how she begun her journey into online learning
  • ICT’s, Teaching and using technology like blogging and podcasting
  • What does a ship’s log and a blog have in common?
  • Tan discusses the history of WordPress and plugins
  • The evolution of a diary into journalism online
  • Tan’s new project and passion
  • The inspiration for Tan’s new blog
  • The importance of sharing your cancer journey into a blog
  • How a journal, book or ebook can help you and your family during cancer
  • Tips for bloggers
  • Where does someone start to learn about WordPress and blogging?
  • What are the steps you can take to start a blog and create a wordpress blog
  • Tan’s positive experiences when reaching out to bloggers and networking

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