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Podcast Episode 40  – Interview featuring Clare Reilly from “The Life of Clare”

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Clare Reilly lives on the Bellarine Peninsula near Geelong with her super understanding and supportive husband, very effervescent two and a half year old, and five chickens. Almost five years ago Clare and her husband started the journey towards living a more simple, sustainable and local life after realising they only have $100 to their name.
Clare shares their simple living adventures on her blog and YouTube channel, writing about delicious family meals, budgeting and trying to live a more simple life and sourdough bread, while living in suburbia.
She sells sourdough starter kits via her website and teaches sourdough bread workshops in Geelong and is currently working on her first ever course about simple living in Suburbia.

In this endearing interview, Clare reveals:

  • How an adventure began her blog, “The Life of Clare”
  • Meeting people through blogging
  • How Instagram can begin a community of like minded people
  • How to go from Instagram to Snapchat
  • Using Instagram to drive traffic to your website
  • Using your iphone to edit your youtube videos
  • How to stay on budget with blogging and subscribers
  • Learn about Claire’s online products and her Kambucha and Sourdough kits
  • What plugin Claire uses to sell her products
  • What software Claire used to create her ebook

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