Daddies Can Blog Too! Just Ask the Dadinator!

From Tree Changer to the Dadinator: Daddy Blogger Extraordinaire – And How You Can Do it Too!

Podcast Episode 14 – Interview featuring Seamus Curtain-Magee – The Dadinator

Seamus works as a relief teacher in rural Victoria, Australia. He was born and bred in Melbourne Australia and last year a job came up for him to go teaching in a town called Maryborough. He and his wife and family moved to a nearby town called Castlemaine, where they now live.

This is how Seamus describes himself:

“I don’t know how to parent or be a father. So far I have made it up as I bumbled along and I seem to haveDadinator Aussie Bloggers Podcast survived. So has The Lad (my son) and The Lass (my daughter), so I’ve got some fundamentals right it would seem. I do know that I love them both and that I love being their dad. Hopefully that’s a couple of steps in the right direction.

We also have 2 cats, four chickens a peach tree and an olive tree. We hope to get more of all these things one day with dreams of a fruit orchard, veggie patches and a degree of self-sufficiency you don’t get in the city.

We also try to treat the earth right. We are into solar power, composting, recycling, cloth nappies and energy saving everything.

I am a geek of many varieties. I’m an ancient history geek, with a background in Latin and Ancient Greek. Those subjects got me far in the world, let me tell you… I am also a Star Trek tragic, what can I say?”

Want to hear more from Seamus and his world of Dadinating? Head over to the Aussie Bloggers Podcast show and listen to our interview with Seamus, the famous Daddy Blogger determined to Dadinate the world!

In this episode, you find out:

  • Why daddy bloggers should not only write but read as well
  • How he became a tree changer and eventually the Dadinator
  • What inspired him to become a daddy blogger
  • The Daddy stories that make him so popular
  • Why people can relate to him as a Daddy Blogger
  • Why you should be a father before a blogger
  • Why being master of the house can be unhealthy
  • The importance of men to share their blogs, emotions and thoughts
  • How the use of Blab can be a powerful medium for men to share
  • Where the Dadinator shares his own stories and messages on DAS (Depression, Anxiety and Stress)
  • What it means to be a chaotic writer
  • Why it’s okay not to schedule your writing
  • How the Dedicator found the 1950’s man in himself

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FINAL WORDS FROM SEAMUS and his 3 Key Takeaways From This Episode:

  1. Dads and their Stories – Why it’s important for Dad’s to tell them. In particular, I’m thinking of the generation of modern dads who put fatherhood and actively caring for their kids up on their list of life priorities. Some fathers, like me, had a dad who was all about working hard and providing. Today I think there are a lot of men who want to do it differently.
  2. Men, feelings and mental health – Men are more likely to suffer a mental illness, more likely to commit suicide and more likely to die sooner than women. Part of this is because men are traditionally emotionally closed off, afraid of being, or being seen to be “Weak”. I try hard to put my emmotions out there, both in my blogging and in my parenting.
  3. How I Write – Which is in a chaotic way.  And that’s okay! 🙂


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