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Podcast Episode 27  – Interview featuring Helen Edwards from Recycled Interiors

aussie bloggers podcast helen edwardsHelen Edwards is an ex social worker and charity founder, turned writer and blogger at Recycled Interiors. With an online following of over 100,000 people, she is one of Australia’s top bloggers.  She has had a number of successful blogs and businesses, has published a children’s picture book and a number of e books. She was a state finalist in the Australian of the Year Awards 2016 and the Telstra Business Women’s Awards 2015 for her work in diabetes. Helen launched www.recycledinteriors.org in 2013  and is a passionate and genuine lover of both people and the planet. She is also an eternal optimist.

Her blog has grown rapidly, and she now has a large online community who are passionate about sustainable decorating and living. She has spent her life helping, nurturing and loving human beings, animals and our earth, and describes herself as a tree hugger (and she hugs trees most days!).

A Mama of 3 gorgeous sons and a wife to Mr Recycled, her goal is to help you to feel good about yourself, your home and your everyday. She wants to inspire you to think before you buy, reduce your waste and lighten your footprint on the planet, while you create a happy, healthy home and a life you can love.

So if you’re looking to blog about the planet and it’s people and you want to know how to do it, head over to the Aussie Bloggers Podcast show and listen to our interview with passionate, happy and healthy Helen!

In this episode with Helen Edwards, you learn:

  • Why she left the area of social work to begin in the digital world
  • How she began her recycled interiors blog and turned it into a business
  • Why people will engage in a group rather than your FB page
  • Why you need to monitor who comes into your group
  • How to use your groups to engage with your blog
  • How often you should post to your group
  • The best way to plan your content
  • Why your blog needs fresh content
  • How to make money from blogging
  • Should you use sidebar ads on your blog?
  • How to make your log a vehicle for your business


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