Jay Crisp Crow: Copywriting Queen with Creative Claws!

The Copywriting Queen Explains how to Blog Efficiently

Podcast Episode 21 – Interview featuring Jay Crisp Crow

jay-crisp-crow-Aussie Bloggers PodcastI am Jay Crisp Crow, proud owner of a cool name, website copywriting queen, and advocate for business balance.

I used to sing on the back of Monster Trucks for a living after becoming too plump to continue as a professional cheerleader.

I’ve spent 13 years sharpening my creative claws in various corporate communications and marketing roles before investing in myself and taking my own gig on the road.

So if you’re wanting to be a superstar writer like Jay, head over to the Aussie Bloggers Podcast show and listen to our interview with Jay, copywriting queen!

In this episode, Jay Crisp Crow explains:

  • How to be polished online
  • How to sound like you’re talking intimately in a blog
  • Why you should sell a ‘story’ instead of a product
  • What is authentic blogging
  • Why you need to have a structured business blog from time to time
  • How to come up with a Blog Post idea
  • Why it doesn’t matter how you actually blog
  • How she went from ‘Bikini’s and Love’ blogger to the Huffington Post
  • The trends coming up in blogging
  • The point of blogging
  • Why we don’t take anything at face value anymore


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