Jema Lee Talks about Blogging and her “Wellsome” World!

Learn How to Blog Wellsome and Live Gluten Free in the Process

Podcast Episode 7

Jema’s blog over at ‘Wellsome‘ teaches and educates others on what she’s learned over the last 15 years on Jema Lee Wellsome Aussie Bloggershealth, nutrition and how to make living health Easy and Do-Able for everyone.

In this episode with Tan and Amanda, Jema discusses how she started blogging, teaching and educating others all around the world on getting and staying “wellsome”.

Jema is a wealth of information with everything nutrition, and has valuable insight on going from a regular job into the wellsome blogging world.

This is a must listen interview.

In this Wellsome Episode Jema teaches you all about:

  • Healthy living, and healthy blogging at
  • Her history in blogging and gluten free living.
  • Her photographic journey.
  • How she made the transition from a regular job, to her own photography company and now into blogging and how you can too!
  • How she built her first blog.
  • Blogging.
  • The behind the scenes of blogging and how to make it work.
  • How to schedule your days as a blogger.
  • Her Goodbye Gluten Guide – a 97 page ebook.

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Where You Can Go to Download Her Gluten Guide:

To find and download her guide, go to

A Jema Wellsome Quote from this episode: “Don’t be a gunna – just do it.”


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