Jennie Gorman: Why You Need to Be the First to Arrive and Last to Leave at Problogger This Year

Jennie Gorman Helps Bloggers Connect and Network!

Podcast Episode 15 – Interview featuring Jennie Gorman – The People Connector

Jennie Gorman and her Mission

Jennie Gorman Aussie Bloggers PodcastJennie’s passion and mission has always been to help and support not only solo-professionals but also small business owners to create the business relationships to help them claim their place in the marketplace. This is by relationships they create and develop, and by profiling themselves in their niche marketplace. They can increase their profits as well as growing their business.

Her passion for SME’s is expressed in her love of the mastermind concept. She created her own formula in 2009 which is on-going and evolves further with every group.  Jennie loves to motivate and inspire people to perform at a higher level  through MasterMind groups.


Want to hear more from Jennie and how you can connect with other Bloggers and form lasting relationships?

Head over to the Aussie Bloggers Podcast show and listen to our interview with Jennie Gorman, the People Connector – changing people’s lives for the better!

In this episode, you find out:

  • More about the people connector and author, Jennie Gorman
  • Tips for your Problogger Networking Opportunity
  • What you need as a blogger to promote yourself
  • Why you need to be the first to arrive and last to leave at Problogger this year
  • How introverts can mix easily at networking events
  • Why it’s important to know why you are networking
  • Why the best networking is done after an event
  • Why bloggers should lead a purposeful life
  • Why social media is the greatest gift for bloggers
  • How bloggers can bring up emotions through their purpose

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Awesome Authenticity

‘An On Purpose Life’


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