Mel Telecican Goes from Restaurant Owner to Blogger

Mel Telecican Reveals Best Blogging Strategies to Making Your Blog a Success!

Podcast Episode 12 – Interview featuring Mel Telecican – Blogger, Speaker, Educator and Podcaster

Having owned and operated her own restaurant business in inner-city Brisbane, Mel learned early on that havingMel Telecican Aussie Bloggers Podcast great products and service is not enough to keep customers and grow a business.

She is a successful Customer Centric Coach, and in this episode, she shares her success in building her blog, practical tips on driving clients and customers to your blog and more!

It’s a power packed interview and we can’t wait to share it with you!

Listen here…

Mel Telecican also discusses:

  • How she went from building a restaurant to building a blog.
  • What sort of voice you should use to be able to communicate with your readers.
  • Why you should follow a format when you blog.
  • How to talk to your audience and practical tips to get your words down on paper to sound real.
  • Which voice recorders you can use to speak your blog.
  • The best way to drive business to your blog.
  • Why you should blog regularly.
  • What blogging consistently can do for you.
  • Why you should go the ‘slow burn’ when blogging.

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