Merrymaker Sisters #Merrybiz Interview

The Merrymaker Sisters – and How They Went from Blog to Business in Just a Few Short Years

Podcast Episode 9  – Interview featuring Emma and Carla Pappas from the Merrymakers #Merrybiz

merrymaker sisters aussie bloggers podcastEmma and Carla Papas are well known as ‘The Merrymaker Sisters’ (also real life sisters and sister best friends). They’re health and happiness advocates, and passionate health coaches on a mission to merrymake over the world.

They’re here to help others figure out what works for them and want to help people do this for the rest of their lives. The Merrymaker Lifestyle is about adding more GOOD into someone’s life.

Their blog began a few years ago when they googled, “How to start a blog”. And their lives have evolved ever since. They have learnt that how you spend your time and what work you choose to do, can bring you optimal health and happiness. And that’s what they call, ‘following your bliss’.

In this engaging interview, Emma and Carla talk about health, happiness, and their ‘merry life’.

In this episode, you learn:

  • What made the Merrymaker Sisters quit their government jobs and begin a blog in the first place
  • How they built their big business from a simple blog
  • How you can turn your blog into a thriving business too!
  • Ways to create an income stream from your blog
  • How to make your audience buy from you
  • About the Merrymaker Recipe Book
  • How to extend your brand
  • How to create a product and pre-sell it
  • About being real and positive to your audience
  • Why you should share your lessons to help your audience connect with you
  • How positive quotes can help you too
  • Why you should engage back with your audience
  • Why it’s importance to show kindness
  • Why all bloggers should take a break
  • How to set goals the #Merrybiz way

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