Lisa Cox: The Writer Who Says “No Excuses”!

How to Stay Grateful and Don’t Let ANYTHING Limit You

Podcast Episode 22  – Interview featuring inspiring blogger and author, Lisa Cox

Lisa’s Amazing Story

After my brain haemorrhaged at the airport one morning, I spent the next three weeks in a coma and two month on life support. Pneumonia, heart attacks and uncontrollable seizures took hold of my body as all of my organs shut down.

Technically, I died twice in hospital but was resuscitated (obviously!) to keep living out a life I loved. My family Lisa Cox Aussie Bloggers Podcastwas told they might have to turn off my life support but then my brain started to recharge and every single cell in my body regenerated.

So that was bad but then it got really crazy. I spent over a year in hospital, the first time and underwent over a dozen operations and procedures. This included, heart surgery, the amputation of one leg, all my remaining toes and nine fingertips. I’ve since returned to hospital for a total hip replacement and open heart surgery.

The permanent damage to my brain has affected my speech and memory, left me over 25% blind, epileptic and frequently fatigued.  Osteoarthritis has set up home in nearly every joint throughout my body as well.

I’m not a victim and I’m not sharing what happened as part of a “poor me” story of woe. But I understand what it’s like to start over, to start with really small goals and go from there. I understand what it’s like to feel different or know that the future seems overwhelming and exciting at the same time.

I’ve worked hard to continue living a life that I absolutely adore. My days are very different now but I still love each one and I want the same for you!

Since I hit restart, I’ve had many personal and professional achievements. Learning to write and speak again was just the beginning. I’ve started my own business, written two books, become a professional public Speaker, met and married an amazing man, returned to study, bought my own place and travelled overseas.

I’m on a mission to motivate your body and your mind into action. There are things we can control and things we can’t. Let’s focus on what you can control – today.

Live without fear of failure and live with genuine gratitude and enthusiasm for every day. Live with the knowledge that challenges are just choices waiting to happen. I know it can be done!


In this awe-inspiring episode, you learn:

  • How she structures her day
  • Why she began blogging
  • How you can develop gratitude in your life
  • Her very own blogging tips
  • About her books
  • Why you should listen to your readers
  • How to blog successfully
  • Who the influential people are in her life
  • Why you need to KISS
  • How to get her FREE e-book – Find Your Fearless


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Where You Can Read Lisa’s Blog:   

Here’s an article I wrote about writing and creativity –

This was just published on Mamamia recently:

Listen to Last Week’s Episode



Jay Crisp Crow: Copywriting Queen with Creative Claws!

The Copywriting Queen Explains how to Blog Efficiently

Podcast Episode 21 – Interview featuring Jay Crisp Crow

jay-crisp-crow-Aussie Bloggers PodcastI am Jay Crisp Crow, proud owner of a cool name, website copywriting queen, and advocate for business balance.

I used to sing on the back of Monster Trucks for a living after becoming too plump to continue as a professional cheerleader.

I’ve spent 13 years sharpening my creative claws in various corporate communications and marketing roles before investing in myself and taking my own gig on the road.

So if you’re wanting to be a superstar writer like Jay, head over to the Aussie Bloggers Podcast show and listen to our interview with Jay, copywriting queen!

In this episode, Jay Crisp Crow explains:

  • How to be polished online
  • How to sound like you’re talking intimately in a blog
  • Why you should sell a ‘story’ instead of a product
  • What is authentic blogging
  • Why you need to have a structured business blog from time to time
  • How to come up with a Blog Post idea
  • Why it doesn’t matter how you actually blog
  • How she went from ‘Bikini’s and Love’ blogger to the Huffington Post
  • The trends coming up in blogging
  • The point of blogging
  • Why we don’t take anything at face value anymore


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Facebook Group for Women in Business:

Facebook Group for Crisp Copy can be joined via my subscribers list here:

Karyn Hogan

Learn How to Use Social Media 

Podcast Episode 20  – Interview featuring Social Media Blogger, Karyn Hogan from KarynWithAY

What You Didn’t Know About Karyn With a “Y”

KarynWithay Aussie Bloggers PodcastI specialise in social media marketing and it is my passion to make it easy to understand so business owners can harness it’s power and grow their buisiness with a minimal marketing budget.

I have been an entrepreneur since I was young, always coming up with ideas and developing them and launched my first business, moretas4less when I was 24.

I quit my job to start moretas4less and soon spent over $80,000 in my first year advertising it in main stream media.  Once I ran out of money for advertising I turned to Social Media. I was amazed at the results when I started making more sales using this free medium than when I was spending tens of thousands of dollars.

This is when my passion for social media marketing began and in March 2013, I launched a social media Agency called, “Click by Click Social Media”.

I decided I wanted to reach a larger audience and help more people to take full advantage of social media as a great way to promote and grow their business.
That is when I decided to start a blog where I provide many resources to help people on their social media journey.


In this episode, you learn:

  • How to overcome social media overwhelm
  • Why you don’t have to be on every social media platform
  • Which is the best platform to use for your blog
  • Strategies to move your social media marketing along
  • How many times a day you should be posting
  • Which day to post?
  • What works with FB ads
  • Why you need a FB group instead of a FB Page
  • Why you should use FB Live
  • The best way to manage your FB group
  • How to forge your own path
  • Why you won’t get anything done if you try to follow everyone else


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Where You Can Get Your Free Download:   


Keith Keller

Why Twitter Has the Magic of 1 2 3!

Podcast Episode 19  – Interview featuring Keith Keller from Global Social Media Coaching

Keith Keller is a “Twitter Marketing Specialist” and now has clients around the globe.

He is also a popular speaker on the subject of Social Media (especially Twitter) and has appeared on numerous keith keller aussie bloggers podcastradio shows, teleseminars and webinars across the United States, Canada, UK, Europe, Asia as well as Australia.

Keith’s latest project is:


A program focusing specifically on harnessing the global possibilities of Twitter.

(Just like having your own Personal Trainer in the Twitterverse)

He also has a number of  Twitter training videos available with more titles being all the time.

So if you’re wanting to be a Twitter Expert like Keith, head over to the Aussie Bloggers Podcast show and listen to our interview with Keith, the Twitter Guru of our time!

In this episode, you learn:

  • How to break the Twitter barrier
  • Reach millions of people in Twitter in one day
  • The difference between reach and followers
  • How to apply the 80/20 rule to your social media
  • How to build up cyberkarma
  • Learn the 4:1 rule or Keith’s own 10:1 rule
  • Hear the amazing ‘IKEA’ box story
  • How to use Twitter as a JV tool
  • Learn about Twitter 30/30
  • Find out about the Twitter Magic 1,2,3
  • How many times a day you should check your Twitter feed
  • Where you can find his free e-book, “Crack the Twitter Code”


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Our Favourite Quote from the Episode:

“You are already awesome. My job is to make you world famous”



Listen to the ebook on soundcloud: Crack the twitter CODE  or download the ebook at

Lauren June McFarlane: Focusing on the Big Picture for Your Blog

Lauren June McFarlane is on a Mission to Give Business Women Power. And Bloggers Can Be Too!


Become a Big Picture Entrepreneur – Lauren June


Lauren June McFarlane Aussie Bloggers PodcastPodcast Episode 18 – Interview featuring Lauren June.

Lauren June McFarlane ardently believes that women have all the resources and abilities to have control of their business and, as an outcome, of their lives.

Her purpose is to empower business women by showing them how to best build a business beginning with rock solid foundations.

Running her own prosperous company from the age of 24, she has experienced the feeling of ‘having it all’, making the magical six figure income and managing a team of employees.

Learning about her own business desires meant that Lauren decided on a different course – one of financial fulfilment alongside helping other women to build their idea of a dream lifestyle at the same time.

With a background and qualifications in Accounting, Marketing, Management, IT, Coaching and Neuro Linguistic Programing, Lauren truly is the ‘triple threat’ of business management.

In this episode, she has great advice for women to create strong systems and foundations for their blogging success.

In this empowering interview, Lauren June McFarlane reveals:

  • How to create blogging systems that work
  • Setting the course for blogging foundations
  • Sharing processes for blogging
  • How to batch your work
  • Eliminating Procrastination
  • How to start a blog and keep your eyes on your blog as a business
  • Why you should own your genius and get paid for it
  • Why it’s important to set your boundaries with your business blog


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Blog / Website



Carly Findlay: Blogging for Social Good and Illuminating the Public about Disability

Carly Findlay’s Frank Interview

Podcast Episode 17  – Interview featuring Social Good Blogger, Carly Findlay.

Carly Findlay Aussie Bloggers Podcast

Carly Findlay is a blogger, writer, speaker and appearance activist. She challenges people’s thinking about what it’s like to have a visibly different appearance.

She’s written for many publications including The Guardian, Daily Life, The ABC, Mamamia, Frankie magazine and BlogHer. She’s used her blog to write about her skin condition, Ichthyosis, as well as promoted causes such as Love Your Sister and Donate Life.

Most recently, Carly was named as one of Australia’s most influential women in the Australian Financial Review and Westpac 100 Women of Influence Awards for 2014. Carly received the 2010 and 2013 Yooralla Media Awards for Best Online Commentary for her body of disability focused writing. She also won the best personal blog category for Kidspot Voices of 2013, and the 2013 BUPA Health Activist award for Positive Life Change. She’s also been a finalist in the Best Australian Blogs competition in 2011, 2012 and 2014.

She organised Australia’s first Ichthyosis meet in 2015 – bringing together 75 people affected by the rare, severe skin condition Ichthyosis. 25 attendees had Ichthyosis. Friendships and support networks were formed.

In 2013 Carly was discriminated against by a taxi driver because of her skin. She wrote about this on her blog, took the case to the Human Rights Commission and made a complaint to the taxi company and the Victorian Taxi commission. One of the outcomes she wanted following her complaints was for improved disability training for taxi drivers. A video was made for the taxi company with Carly’s input, and disability-related complaints have since reduced. She is proud to have influenced the taxi industry and assisted passengers in this way.

She’s always interested in writing, speaking or consulting for your organisation. Contact Carly if you would (like we did), have her speak, write or consult for you.

How can you reach Carly? Send Carly an emailFacebook or Tweet her!

Want to hear more from Carly and how you too can grow your blog in a niche you are passionate about?

Head over to the Aussie Bloggers Podcast show and listen to our interview with the incredible Carly Findlay, Social Good Blogger Extraordinaire.

In this amazingly frank interview, Carly reveals things she’s never revealed before. She discusses:

  • Growing your readers and what it takes to get to 3 and a half million readers
  • Why she began blogging in the first place
  • How she went from blogger to freelancer
  • What it means to blog for social good
  • The opportunities you can get just through blogging
  • How to get involved in the blogging world
  • Working with brands and sponsors
  • How to fix things when it all goes wrong
  • The trials of living with a disability
  • Dealing with silent bullies

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Ichthyosis Meet up Group – Join Carly!

Amanda Smyth Reveals why Blogging is a Marathon and not a Sprint

Amanda Smyth – How She Became a Cooker and a Looker!

Podcast Episode 16 – Interview featuring Amanda Smyth, the original Cooker and a Looker

Amanda Smyth: On Being a Food/Mummy Blogger

Amanda is the founder of Blog, Cooker and a Looker. This is blog dedicated to home cooking and the joy that sharing good food brings.  This blog doesn’t take the cake, it drops the cake!  Each post is a little sandwich of family life, food and humour.  Amanda writes fresh, easy recipe ideas that fast become family favourites.

Among the recipes you’ll find plenty of tales about raising two daughters on the farm with her husband.

The Real Amanda

I’m a wife and the mother of two little girls from the Glass House Mountains in

Amanda smyth aussie bloggers podcast

Queensland, Australia.  My husband and I bought a turf farm in 2005.

I named my blog Cooker and a Looker because … at our wedding, my husband joked that as a young boy his footy coach had told him “You can either get a cooker or a looker, you can’t have both”. Five years and two daughters later, I started this blog in May 2012 to prove that I can both cook and look….. after the girls.

I blog because I want an outlet that is solely Amanda.  Just me.  Years ago, I had some “just Amanda” space by merit of my career.  Now I use this tiny spot on the interweb, and I love it.

Head over to the Aussie Bloggers Podcast show and listen to our interview with the lovely Amanda Smyth – who really is a ‘Cooker and a Looker”!

In this episode, you find out:

  • How a dare in 2012 changed her life direction to ‘anything goes’
  • Why blogging is a marathon and not a sprint
  • COP – What a COP is and why it works
  • How to fit blogging in with the rest of your life
  • How to use evernote to keep your blog up to date
  • All about her cookbook “cookerandalooker”
  • About her blogging journey as she discusses what has worked for her
  • Why it’s okay to ‘fear’ posting your blog
  • How it can be okay to hit that ‘publish’ button even when you feel sick


The 3 Top Takeaways from Amanda’s Episode

  1. Amanda shares the good advice she has received from others about blogging over the years
  2. Amanda’s upcoming and successful cookbook, which will be available this month!
  3. To remember that Blogging is a marathon and not a sprint

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Cookbook due out in April 2016 – visit the website for more information. 


Jennie Gorman: Why You Need to Be the First to Arrive and Last to Leave at Problogger This Year

Jennie Gorman Helps Bloggers Connect and Network!

Podcast Episode 15 – Interview featuring Jennie Gorman – The People Connector

Jennie Gorman and her Mission

Jennie Gorman Aussie Bloggers PodcastJennie’s passion and mission has always been to help and support not only solo-professionals but also small business owners to create the business relationships to help them claim their place in the marketplace. This is by relationships they create and develop, and by profiling themselves in their niche marketplace. They can increase their profits as well as growing their business.

Her passion for SME’s is expressed in her love of the mastermind concept. She created her own formula in 2009 which is on-going and evolves further with every group.  Jennie loves to motivate and inspire people to perform at a higher level  through MasterMind groups.


Want to hear more from Jennie and how you can connect with other Bloggers and form lasting relationships?

Head over to the Aussie Bloggers Podcast show and listen to our interview with Jennie Gorman, the People Connector – changing people’s lives for the better!

In this episode, you find out:

  • More about the people connector and author, Jennie Gorman
  • Tips for your Problogger Networking Opportunity
  • What you need as a blogger to promote yourself
  • Why you need to be the first to arrive and last to leave at Problogger this year
  • How introverts can mix easily at networking events
  • Why it’s important to know why you are networking
  • Why the best networking is done after an event
  • Why bloggers should lead a purposeful life
  • Why social media is the greatest gift for bloggers
  • How bloggers can bring up emotions through their purpose

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Check out these offers from Jennie when you listen to our Aussie Bloggers Podcast:

Awesome Authenticity

‘An On Purpose Life’


Daddies Can Blog Too! Just Ask the Dadinator!

From Tree Changer to the Dadinator: Daddy Blogger Extraordinaire – And How You Can Do it Too!

Podcast Episode 14 – Interview featuring Seamus Curtain-Magee – The Dadinator

Seamus works as a relief teacher in rural Victoria, Australia. He was born and bred in Melbourne Australia and last year a job came up for him to go teaching in a town called Maryborough. He and his wife and family moved to a nearby town called Castlemaine, where they now live.

This is how Seamus describes himself:

“I don’t know how to parent or be a father. So far I have made it up as I bumbled along and I seem to haveDadinator Aussie Bloggers Podcast survived. So has The Lad (my son) and The Lass (my daughter), so I’ve got some fundamentals right it would seem. I do know that I love them both and that I love being their dad. Hopefully that’s a couple of steps in the right direction.

We also have 2 cats, four chickens a peach tree and an olive tree. We hope to get more of all these things one day with dreams of a fruit orchard, veggie patches and a degree of self-sufficiency you don’t get in the city.

We also try to treat the earth right. We are into solar power, composting, recycling, cloth nappies and energy saving everything.

I am a geek of many varieties. I’m an ancient history geek, with a background in Latin and Ancient Greek. Those subjects got me far in the world, let me tell you… I am also a Star Trek tragic, what can I say?”

Want to hear more from Seamus and his world of Dadinating? Head over to the Aussie Bloggers Podcast show and listen to our interview with Seamus, the famous Daddy Blogger determined to Dadinate the world!

In this episode, you find out:

  • Why daddy bloggers should not only write but read as well
  • How he became a tree changer and eventually the Dadinator
  • What inspired him to become a daddy blogger
  • The Daddy stories that make him so popular
  • Why people can relate to him as a Daddy Blogger
  • Why you should be a father before a blogger
  • Why being master of the house can be unhealthy
  • The importance of men to share their blogs, emotions and thoughts
  • How the use of Blab can be a powerful medium for men to share
  • Where the Dadinator shares his own stories and messages on DAS (Depression, Anxiety and Stress)
  • What it means to be a chaotic writer
  • Why it’s okay not to schedule your writing
  • How the Dedicator found the 1950’s man in himself

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FINAL WORDS FROM SEAMUS and his 3 Key Takeaways From This Episode:

  1. Dads and their Stories – Why it’s important for Dad’s to tell them. In particular, I’m thinking of the generation of modern dads who put fatherhood and actively caring for their kids up on their list of life priorities. Some fathers, like me, had a dad who was all about working hard and providing. Today I think there are a lot of men who want to do it differently.
  2. Men, feelings and mental health – Men are more likely to suffer a mental illness, more likely to commit suicide and more likely to die sooner than women. Part of this is because men are traditionally emotionally closed off, afraid of being, or being seen to be “Weak”. I try hard to put my emmotions out there, both in my blogging and in my parenting.
  3. How I Write – Which is in a chaotic way.  And that’s okay! 🙂


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Where You Can Read More From Seamus and His Dadinator Blog:


Seamus has a weekly vlog-cast on blab with fellow Aussie Daddy Bloggers. This weeks is going up at:




Amanda Kendle – Travel Blogger Extraordinaire

Amanda Kendle Gives Us the Lessons She Learnt from 11 Years of Blogging

Episode 13 – Interview with the amazing Amanda Kendle

Amanda’s online life started out during the years she taught English in Japan and Europe and started writing amanda kendle aussie bloggers podcasttravel articles for some online magazines. It wasn’t long before an editor told her about a regular job going on a travel blog. And even though she didn’t really know what a blog was, she jumped at the chance of getting a monthly cheque for her writing.

From there, the online world really opened up to her. Her travel blog, Not A Ballerina was born to bring together her writing and travel thoughts in one place, and she also had several regular blogging jobs. Some of the websites she worked for provided training in using social media to promote her work – introducing her to Facebook and Twitter, among others.

Her consulting work has enabled Amanda to join forces with some fascinating clients, from personal bloggers through to government departments, small business to creative professionals. She describes herself as, “being one of those lucky people who truly loves their job”.

Amanda discusses

  • Her travel blog and why it began 11 years ago
  • Why she called her blog, “Not a Ballerina”
  • All the lessons she learnt while blogging
  • How often you should post on your blog
  • Points that attract someone to read a blog
  • How to keep visitors coming back to your blog
  • How to stop the burn out as a blogger
  • How to nurture your community
  • How to set up your readers so that unpleasant comments are kept to a minimum
  • Ways to monetise your blog
  • How to set boundaries between your online life and your home life
  • What it means to ‘batch’ your work and how to do it effectively


QUOTE:  “Master one thing and then do SOMEthing”

Check out Amanda’s website for her latest offers. 
And for Perth/WA people – workshops – and mastermind walks