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How to Rate and Review the Aussie Bloggers Podcast in iTunes

If you love our show and haven’t already subscribed to it via iTunes, now’s the perfect opportunity to begin.  And it’s so easy!!

Why Subscribe?

The beauty of using iTunes (and the Podcast app for iOS) is that when you subscribe, you’ll get a brand new Aussie Bloggers Podcast episode every Friday.  You will be able to store it and listen to it over the weekend, or the following week at a time that suits you. It’s automatic! No searching, no checking – it will automatically download for when you are ready to listen.

Our podcasts are free, as our big mission is to support Australian Bloggers and help new bloggers with tips and tricks to fast track their own journey into blogging.  So by subscribing to us, it also means you are supporting us. And as we strive to bring together a community of bloggers, that means a lot. Not only to us, but also those other bloggers we are aiming to help.

So subscribe and then tell everyone all about us.  Share us as a resource on social media, around the table and with your other blogging friends!

Another great way to support us, (in addition to subscribing and sharing) is to write a review on iTunes. These reviews are seen by other people and may help them decide whether or not to download and listen or even subscribe.

If you’ve never left a review on iTunes before, let us help you!

How To Rate and Review Us on iTunes

First, head over to the Aussie Bloggers Podcast: https://itunes.apple.com/au/podcast/aussie-bloggers-podcast

You will see an iTunes Preview screen.

Look for the blue “View in iTunes” button which is directly under our logo, and click on that to open it in iTunes on your computer.

Aussie Bloggers Podcast Preview




When you’ve opened it, you should see a subscribe button instead of a view in iTunes button.

Make sure you’re subscribed, by clicking on the Subscribe button on the left side just under the “Aussie Bloggers Podcast” logo. By clicking on the arrow next to it, you’ll be able to share us with your friends on social media.

Try these steps now…

aussie bloggers podcast tan and amanda

Now to Rate and Review!

Click on the Ratings and Reviews tab which is sitting to the right of the Aussie Bloggers Podcast logo. This will show all of the current ratings and reviews that our fans have so generously left, and provide you with an opportunity to do the same.

Above these reviews you’ll see a series of stars where you can rate the show from 1 to 5 stars. Remember, 5 stars is the highest rating you can give.

aussie bloggers podcast

Next, click on the Write A Review button. This will bring up a brief pop-up window in which you can type a title and text of your review. If you haven’t already chosen a star rating, do this here.

Write in what you want to say about the show and click on Submit. And that’s it! Apple will review the comment for appropriateness, and then publish it.  It’s okay if you don’t see your review immediately, as it can take some time for Apple to review it.

Some iTunes Review Tips

While we would love to have everyone give us a 5 star rating, we are also realistic.  We love the fact that our bloggers are honest and authentic, and that’s how we would love people to rate us. Honestly. So we value ANY type of feedback, as long as we can take something positive from it.

Here are 3 questions you might like to consider when you are posting your review:

  1. What did you generally love about the show? What really appealed to you?
  2. Think of a specific part of the show and tell us how it impacted upon you.
  3. Say something encouraging or inspiring that will recommend other bloggers or listeners to subscribe and listen to the show

So if you haven’t already, please stop by the Aussie Bloggers Podcast show and subscribe, rate and review our show, and we’ll be sure to read your recommendations.

If you have any questions at all about leaving a review or subscribing to please contact us.  We love hearing from our

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