Linda Reed-Enever shares her Blogging and Business insights

Linda Reed-Enever and her Insightful Interview

Linda Reed-Enever talks with Tan and Amanda about how something so simple, resonated so well, and received over 100 views in the first hour… (Listen for free to the interview via iTunes)

Aussie Bloggers Podcast

Podcast Episode Interview Featuring Linda Reed-Enever 

Linda is a PR Marketing coach and calls herselfThe Go to Girl .

In our Interview with Linda Reed-Enever she shares :

  • A brief history of how she flipped from becoming a teacher to PR
  • How Family Capers became a reality
  • Advise about blogging – Just do it! If you don’t write, no one will read it.
  • Write about topics your audience wants to hear
  • Popular post on Business, Business, Business was around saying “No”
  • As a boss or blogger, saying no goes with the responsibility and success
  • Why planning your blog or business is really important for success
  • As a blogger, never think that you are not good enough
  • Linda Reed-Enever and her process with writing her blogs involves wine and travelling
  • Why being authentic and just being “YOU” is extremely important as a blogger
  • Profitability when starting out in business or blogging is always tough just persist
  • Family Capers taught her about coding, writing, freelancers and much more
  • Asking the right questions and getting the right support is important as a blogger
  • If a business takes 3 years, a blog will take 12 months or more before becoming successful
  • At 3 months you are only just discovering yourself as a blogger and what you like to write about
  • Treat your blog like you would a job, just keep doing it and persist
  • 2016 plans to expand Business, Business, Business; create courses and much more …..

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