Christina Butcher: Romancer of Hair, Love and Travel!

Learn What it’s Like to Blog with Your Husband!

Podcast Episode 25 – Interview featuring Christina Butcher
Hair Romance Aussie bloggers PodcastChristina Butcher is a full-time blogger and New York Times bestselling author.

When she’s not fighting bad hair days at Hair Romance ( or inspiring adventures with her husband Jim at Mr & Mrs Romance, ( she’s helping bloggers grow their

Little Blog Big ( with live workshops and networking events.


So if you’re wanting to be a full time blogger, head over to the Aussie Bloggers Podcast show and listen to our interview with Christina!

In this episode, you learn:

  • How Mr and Mrs Romance work together online and offline
  • Christina’s passion and how it has helped her to make money from blogging and you can too!
  • Why an E-Book can launch your blog even further
  • Diverse ways you can monetise your blog
  • How to schedule your ideas
  • How many ideas you need to come up with for your blog
  • How to come up with new blog post ideas
  • Why you need to go “Back to the Basics”
  • Where to go to find “Trending Topics”
  • How to achieve a work/life balance and why Christina doesn’t believe in it
  • How the Hair Romance blog began


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Lauren June McFarlane: Focusing on the Big Picture for Your Blog

Lauren June McFarlane is on a Mission to Give Business Women Power. And Bloggers Can Be Too!


Become a Big Picture Entrepreneur – Lauren June


Lauren June McFarlane Aussie Bloggers PodcastPodcast Episode 18 – Interview featuring Lauren June.

Lauren June McFarlane ardently believes that women have all the resources and abilities to have control of their business and, as an outcome, of their lives.

Her purpose is to empower business women by showing them how to best build a business beginning with rock solid foundations.

Running her own prosperous company from the age of 24, she has experienced the feeling of ‘having it all’, making the magical six figure income and managing a team of employees.

Learning about her own business desires meant that Lauren decided on a different course – one of financial fulfilment alongside helping other women to build their idea of a dream lifestyle at the same time.

With a background and qualifications in Accounting, Marketing, Management, IT, Coaching and Neuro Linguistic Programing, Lauren truly is the ‘triple threat’ of business management.

In this episode, she has great advice for women to create strong systems and foundations for their blogging success.

In this empowering interview, Lauren June McFarlane reveals:

  • How to create blogging systems that work
  • Setting the course for blogging foundations
  • Sharing processes for blogging
  • How to batch your work
  • Eliminating Procrastination
  • How to start a blog and keep your eyes on your blog as a business
  • Why you should own your genius and get paid for it
  • Why it’s important to set your boundaries with your business blog


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