Imogen Lamport Talks Style, Blogging and Connecting with Readers

A Must Listen to this Awesome Interview about Style Blogging

Podcast Episode 47 – Interview featuring the amazing and successful stylist, Imogen Lamport!

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Imogen Lamport is a professionally trained and internationally certified image consultant and this is her story….

“I’ve been working with clients as a personal stylist for over a decade now and love seeing my clients become more stylish, it’s what keeps me here sharing my passion with you as I know that image can be a key to confidence and empowerment for so many women.

Now I didn’t start out stylish, not at all!  In fact I’d say I started out decidedly unstylish, though I’ve always had a passion for clothes and started sewing my own clothes as a teenager.    Fortunately this skill taught me about construction and clothing design, but it was my ‘non-manufacturing standard’ body shape that made me start my quest to discover why my friends, who were the same size as me, looked good in clothes that made me look terrible.  I have been on a quest since I was 16 to discover what made my unique body look and feel great (and it wasn’t my school uniform!).

Fortunately I know that you don’t have to be born with style, you can learn how to be stylish at any age!

Back in the early 1980’s I read the book Colour Me Beautiful which fascinated me and made me realise that there was some kind of science behind the art of style and through my life, through other jobs in publicity (Penguin Books Australia) and communications (CSC) previous to me discovering image consulting, I’ve always been intrigued by the how and why of style.    So when I discovered it soon after my son was born (and he’s now a strapping teenager who is taller than me) I realised that this was the career I’d been looking for all  my life.

After taking training as an image and colour consultant Imogen set up my personal styling business  Bespoke Image.  In 2006, my dedication led me to become President of the AICI (Association of Image Consultants International) Australian chapter. I worked tirelessly to raise the industry’s standards of training and professionalism, bringing the AICI’s First Level Certification exam to Australia. In 2007, I  was honoured as Chapter Member of the Year.   From 2012-2016 I served as VP Business Development on the International Board of AICI.

In 2009, I  was awarded the Certified Image Professional certificate from the AICI, an achievement that acknowledges a highly competent level of training and experience and am  proud to be one of only a handful in Australia to have reached this level.

I also conduct workshops for fashion retailers and retail optometrists, and have been volunteering my time to faciliate workshops with cancer patients through the wonderful Look Good Feel Better organization for the past 10 years.

What I love to do is share my considerable knowledge with everyone from stay-at-home moms to corporate executives so you can get up, get dressed, get out the door, and get on with life feeling and looking great.

Over the past few years I’ve written and published 4 books on style related subjects:  The Finishing Touch: perfecting the art of accessorizingNever Short on Style: dressing and finessing the petite frameTravelling Light: learn the art of packing light and Your Essential Style Guide: 151+ secrets from an image consultant.  Most recently I co-authored the book Svelte in Style: How to Look and Feel Great While Losing Weight‘”

In this fashionably interesting episode, you learn:

  • The science of style through blogging
  • Where her blog first originated
  • How she grew an international audience before her Australian audience
  • Her experiences about blogging and how readers connect with her
  • Blogging and her personal relationships with others
  • How having a mailing list can help monetise your blog
  • Marketing your blog
  • Why Pinterest and Facebook work for her
  • Best tip for growing your subscriber base
  • What sort of content is the best content to create when using optins
  • How to build and retain a community through Facebook Groups
  • How to use Facebook groups to connect your readers together


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Amanda Hoffmann: Part 3

Podcast Episode 37 – Part 3 of Pinterest Series for Bloggers featuring Amanda Hoffmann

Pinterest Analytics is a great topic for business owners and bloggers alike. As a small business owner, I relate first hand how stressful using social media and blogging can be. I hope that by sharing my own personal journey and knowledge with you in this 3 part series, Pinterest will no longer be quite as scary as it seems.

aussie bloggers podcastDesigned for the blogger who has a Pinterest account with analytics attached to it, Amanda will walk you through the process of analysing a Pinterest account and teaching you how to make the most of what you

Social media is a strength and passion of mine and I love sharing my knowledge with others.

Join me on my journey of building followers and learn how you can do the same.

Let me just share with you, that there is no fast quick fix solution when it comes to social media, connecting with potential clients or even gaining a large reader base for your blog. It is a lot of hard, focused and consistent work to achieve. As a small business owner, you owe it to yourself and your family to at least give social media a good six months.

In the meantime, part three of this series will teach you how to:

  • Verify your site if you get API error key messages
  • Analyse your repins and what it means for you
  • Export data and improve on this data
  • Find what your audiences are interested in
  • Get free information from your analytics
  • Find your followers’ interests to engage with them
  • Find the businesses and brands your followers engage with and why it’s important for you
  • Find time for analysing your Pinterest account
  • Work out how a social media strategy can help you become more productive


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Lauren June McFarlane: Focusing on the Big Picture for Your Blog

Lauren June McFarlane is on a Mission to Give Business Women Power. And Bloggers Can Be Too!


Become a Big Picture Entrepreneur – Lauren June


Lauren June McFarlane Aussie Bloggers PodcastPodcast Episode 18 – Interview featuring Lauren June.

Lauren June McFarlane ardently believes that women have all the resources and abilities to have control of their business and, as an outcome, of their lives.

Her purpose is to empower business women by showing them how to best build a business beginning with rock solid foundations.

Running her own prosperous company from the age of 24, she has experienced the feeling of ‘having it all’, making the magical six figure income and managing a team of employees.

Learning about her own business desires meant that Lauren decided on a different course – one of financial fulfilment alongside helping other women to build their idea of a dream lifestyle at the same time.

With a background and qualifications in Accounting, Marketing, Management, IT, Coaching and Neuro Linguistic Programing, Lauren truly is the ‘triple threat’ of business management.

In this episode, she has great advice for women to create strong systems and foundations for their blogging success.

In this empowering interview, Lauren June McFarlane reveals:

  • How to create blogging systems that work
  • Setting the course for blogging foundations
  • Sharing processes for blogging
  • How to batch your work
  • Eliminating Procrastination
  • How to start a blog and keep your eyes on your blog as a business
  • Why you should own your genius and get paid for it
  • Why it’s important to set your boundaries with your business blog


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Mel Telecican Goes from Restaurant Owner to Blogger

Mel Telecican Reveals Best Blogging Strategies to Making Your Blog a Success!

Podcast Episode 12 – Interview featuring Mel Telecican – Blogger, Speaker, Educator and Podcaster

Having owned and operated her own restaurant business in inner-city Brisbane, Mel learned early on that havingMel Telecican Aussie Bloggers Podcast great products and service is not enough to keep customers and grow a business.

She is a successful Customer Centric Coach, and in this episode, she shares her success in building her blog, practical tips on driving clients and customers to your blog and more!

It’s a power packed interview and we can’t wait to share it with you!

Listen here…

Mel Telecican also discusses:

  • How she went from building a restaurant to building a blog.
  • What sort of voice you should use to be able to communicate with your readers.
  • Why you should follow a format when you blog.
  • How to talk to your audience and practical tips to get your words down on paper to sound real.
  • Which voice recorders you can use to speak your blog.
  • The best way to drive business to your blog.
  • Why you should blog regularly.
  • What blogging consistently can do for you.
  • Why you should go the ‘slow burn’ when blogging.

Jo Saunders – How to Create an Awesome First Impression on LinkedIn

Jo Saunders Looks at LinkedIn and How it Can Help You, the Blogger

Podcast Episode 10  – Interview featuring Jo Saunders from Wildfire Social Marketing

jo saunders aussie bloggers podcastJo Saunders is known as the LinkedIn Demystifier as she helps professionals connect and communicate authentically with their target audience using LinkedIn.  By using the right tools and the right strategy, she is able to teach others how to use these and attract opportunities that they may not otherwise have had.

LinkedIn is an essential platform for every professional, and Jo helps people understand how to build an online presence, as well as create a connection, communication and content strategy through training, mentoring and management.

In this episode, Jo shares her wisdom and you will learn:

  • Her worldwide social marketing business
  • When she discovered her love for writing and what she did to manage over 100 pen friends
  • What it means being known as the linkedIn Demystifier and what that means to Jo and her brand
  • How bloggers can use the power of linkedIn to better their blog and amplify themselves
  • How bloggers can give a great digital first impression on LinkedIn
  • Why you need to pay attention to your LinkedIn headline and profile
  • How to write your summary to get readers to click through to your blog
  • What types of Call to Actions you can use on LinkedIn
  • Why you should publish your content on LinkedIn and why you should never ditch your blog
  • Why links from LinkedIn to your blog are important
  • Which metrics matter on LinkedIn and what they mean to your blog
  • How up can tell how you rank in your own network and industry
  • Why you need to remember to market your content and ways in which to share it


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LinkedIn Program for Bloggers –  $165 per module or $450 for the full program – beginning Wed 16 March

Includes live webinars, recordings, templates, and group support

Merrymaker Sisters #Merrybiz Interview

The Merrymaker Sisters – and How They Went from Blog to Business in Just a Few Short Years

Podcast Episode 9  – Interview featuring Emma and Carla Pappas from the Merrymakers #Merrybiz

merrymaker sisters aussie bloggers podcastEmma and Carla Papas are well known as ‘The Merrymaker Sisters’ (also real life sisters and sister best friends). They’re health and happiness advocates, and passionate health coaches on a mission to merrymake over the world.

They’re here to help others figure out what works for them and want to help people do this for the rest of their lives. The Merrymaker Lifestyle is about adding more GOOD into someone’s life.

Their blog began a few years ago when they googled, “How to start a blog”. And their lives have evolved ever since. They have learnt that how you spend your time and what work you choose to do, can bring you optimal health and happiness. And that’s what they call, ‘following your bliss’.

In this engaging interview, Emma and Carla talk about health, happiness, and their ‘merry life’.

In this episode, you learn:

  • What made the Merrymaker Sisters quit their government jobs and begin a blog in the first place
  • How they built their big business from a simple blog
  • How you can turn your blog into a thriving business too!
  • Ways to create an income stream from your blog
  • How to make your audience buy from you
  • About the Merrymaker Recipe Book
  • How to extend your brand
  • How to create a product and pre-sell it
  • About being real and positive to your audience
  • Why you should share your lessons to help your audience connect with you
  • How positive quotes can help you too
  • Why you should engage back with your audience
  • Why it’s importance to show kindness
  • Why all bloggers should take a break
  • How to set goals the #Merrybiz way

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Kym O’Gorman Talks all things Social Media

Learn How to Use Social Media Effectively and Attract Your Target Audience

Podcast Episode 6 – Interview featuring Kym O’Gorman from Kym O’Gorman Marketing Solutions

Kym works with small to medium-sized businesses to develop social media and marketing strategies with activities that work to attract more customers, generate more revenue and achieve your business goals.aussie bloggers podcast social media Kym O'Gorman

She takes the guesswork and overwhelm out of social media, working closely with businesses, taking the time to understand your them, as well as their customers, and using the resources available to drive real results that you can measure.

So if you’re wanting to be a social media superstar like Kym, head over to the Aussie Bloggers Podcast show and listen to our interview with Kym, the Social Media Guru of our time!

In this episode, you learn:

  • Marketing and how to market your blog.
  • The best way to turn your blog into a business.
  • The tools and processes you can use to get your blog to work for you
  • How to find your target audience.
  • How to mind map your blog the traditional way.
  • What tools to use when blogging and repurposing your content.
  • The Best apps to use for images.
  • How to schedule your social media content effectively.
  • The big question … Should I date my blog post?
  • The top 3 take away marketing tips for bloggers.


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Amanda Hoffmann is interviewed by Tan about Time, Organisation and Blogging

Check out this Interview where Tan turns the Table on Amanda Hoffmann and Interviews her!

Podcast Episode 2, featuring Amanda discussing time, organisation and BloggerSupport4All and how she manages to work all these together effectively…

Amanda talks about Time, Organisation and Blogger Support 4 AllAmanda Hofffmann talks about Time, Organisation and blogging
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You can find Amanda Hoffmann on:
  • How does Amanda maintain multiple blogs?
  • Why flexibility is important as a blogger
  • Using a content creation schedule is important
  • Find inspiration for blog topics on facebook
  • How clients questions can make the best blog articles
  • What are some online tools that a blogger can use?
  • Why Evernote is such a great organisational tool
  • Record blog ideas on the go with your mobile phone
  • The Biggest issues bloggers face and how to solve them
  • Why persistence is the key when it comes to blogging
  • What social media platforms should a blogger use?
  • Where should new bloggers go to find information and inspiration?
  • Why using freelance providers like Fiverr might be a great idea
  • Youtube has an extensive resource to find wordpress themes and how to set up your blog
  • Use a variety of medium to appeal to your audience like video, infographics and slideshare
  • Create resources that will attract your ideal reader, think outside of just using social media

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Linda Reed-Enever shares her Blogging and Business insights

Linda Reed-Enever and her Insightful Interview

Linda Reed-Enever talks with Tan and Amanda about how something so simple, resonated so well, and received over 100 views in the first hour… (Listen for free to the interview via iTunes)

Aussie Bloggers Podcast

Podcast Episode Interview Featuring Linda Reed-Enever 

Linda is a PR Marketing coach and calls herselfThe Go to Girl .

In our Interview with Linda Reed-Enever she shares :

  • A brief history of how she flipped from becoming a teacher to PR
  • How Family Capers became a reality
  • Advise about blogging – Just do it! If you don’t write, no one will read it.
  • Write about topics your audience wants to hear
  • Popular post on Business, Business, Business was around saying “No”
  • As a boss or blogger, saying no goes with the responsibility and success
  • Why planning your blog or business is really important for success
  • As a blogger, never think that you are not good enough
  • Linda Reed-Enever and her process with writing her blogs involves wine and travelling
  • Why being authentic and just being “YOU” is extremely important as a blogger
  • Profitability when starting out in business or blogging is always tough just persist
  • Family Capers taught her about coding, writing, freelancers and much more
  • Asking the right questions and getting the right support is important as a blogger
  • If a business takes 3 years, a blog will take 12 months or more before becoming successful
  • At 3 months you are only just discovering yourself as a blogger and what you like to write about
  • Treat your blog like you would a job, just keep doing it and persist
  • 2016 plans to expand Business, Business, Business; create courses and much more …..

You can find Linda Reed-Enever on: