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Podcast Episode 48 – Interview featuring amazing blogger, Kathryn Eggins

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Kathryn started out as a travel blogger while travelling the world, and now inspires strong, creative and independent women who have big, passionate goals to create the life they want.

A few years ago, I became involved in the fitness industry. I love teaching fun group fitness classes and encouraging other women to take care of themselves. While this is not the main focus of my new blog, it has inspired me to encourage women to see the power they have within themselves.

She travelled the world as an entertainer and event manager, performing on stages throughout Europe and Asia and took up travel blogging because she found reading other people’s tips useful before arriving in a city or town. Kathryn wanted to share her experiences in the hope it would inspire and help others, too.

During her fascinating episode with Kathryn Eggins, we found out:

  • How she got started as a travel blogger
  • What the media suggests about fitness
  • How to get PR for your blog
  • How to reach out to the media through personal stories
  • The best way to write an effective story
  • Where to go to send your press release and who to send it to
  • Ways to find inspiration for blog posts
  • Her thoughts on videoblogging
  • Why she prefers short posts
  • How video posts can work for bloggers and why
  • Words of wisdom about starting a video blog

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