Tan and Amanda Say Goodbye and Reveal Plans for 2017

Podcast Episode 52 – Tan and Amanda Say Goodbye to Aussie Bloggers Podcast

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Tan and Amanda decide to call it quits on Aussie Bloggers Podcast.  In this moving episode, they reveal what guided their decision, why it’s a necessary step and what their plans are for 2017.

Tan and Amanda Discuss:

  • How Tan and Amanda met
  • The story behind how their podcast began
  • Why their partnership worked and how yours can too
  • Why they like to showcase Australian Bloggers instead of American Bloggers
  • Why it’s important to discuss your personalities before you begin
  • How to have an equal partnership
  • Simple tips for learning from You Tube
  • How to discover if your guest is going to be a good fit for your blog or podcast
  • How to find your audience
  • How to avoid RAM (Random Acts of Marketing)
  • Processes you can apply to your own partnerships
  • Why Tan and Amanda don’t micro-manage each other
  • How nuzzle saves Amanda 3 hours of work
  • The step by step process of podcasting
  • How to schedule your own social media posts
  • Why you should remind your partner how good they are
  • Why communication and reliability go hand in hand
  • Why Aussie Bloggers Podcast is ending
  • What is happening in 2017

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