Angie Wilson: Paying Attention to Detail to Blog and Grow

Learn Why Consistency can Grow Your Blog

Podcast Episode 33 – Interview featuring Angie Wilson from Gnome Angel.

aussie bloggers podcast gnome angelAngie lives in the capital of Australia, Canberra, with her very understanding husband and her curious son.  Angie is a passionate creative who loves fabric the way that Carrie Bradshaw loves shoes. She’s got a weakness for trashy television, processed sugar and hugs from her boys. Angie’s got a strong aversion to deadlines and works best under the pressure of looming failure.

Angie has been blogging since 2002 and can’t imagine life without some form of writing in it.  Her blog name, “GnomeAngel” arose from a weird obsession with collecting gnomes, her first tattoo and a friend who thought she was (g)no(me) angel. Angie strongly believes that everyone should make time and space for being creative. You can join her on her creative journey at

In this episode, you learn:

  • Her weird obsessions
  • When she went to WordPress and why
  • How a beginners quilt class found her passion
  • How a $600 investment helped her to grow her blog
  • Why you should grow your own style with blogging
  • Why it’s so important to pay attention to your style card
  • Tools Angie uses to show her photos in the best light
  • Why consistency is so important
  • Why your logo colour should match your fonts and images

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