Amanda Kendle – Travel Blogger Extraordinaire

Amanda Kendle Gives Us the Lessons She Learnt from 11 Years of Blogging

Episode 13 – Interview with the amazing Amanda Kendle

Amanda’s online life started out during the years she taught English in Japan and Europe and started writing amanda kendle aussie bloggers podcasttravel articles for some online magazines. It wasn’t long before an editor told her about a regular job going on a travel blog. And even though she didn’t really know what a blog was, she jumped at the chance of getting a monthly cheque for her writing.

From there, the online world really opened up to her. Her travel blog, Not A Ballerina was born to bring together her writing and travel thoughts in one place, and she also had several regular blogging jobs. Some of the websites she worked for provided training in using social media to promote her work – introducing her to Facebook and Twitter, among others.

Her consulting work has enabled Amanda to join forces with some fascinating clients, from personal bloggers through to government departments, small business to creative professionals. She describes herself as, “being one of those lucky people who truly loves their job”.

Amanda discusses

  • Her travel blog and why it began 11 years ago
  • Why she called her blog, “Not a Ballerina”
  • All the lessons she learnt while blogging
  • How often you should post on your blog
  • Points that attract someone to read a blog
  • How to keep visitors coming back to your blog
  • How to stop the burn out as a blogger
  • How to nurture your community
  • How to set up your readers so that unpleasant comments are kept to a minimum
  • Ways to monetise your blog
  • How to set boundaries between your online life and your home life
  • What it means to ‘batch’ your work and how to do it effectively


QUOTE:  “Master one thing and then do SOMEthing”

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Jo Saunders – How to Create an Awesome First Impression on LinkedIn

Jo Saunders Looks at LinkedIn and How it Can Help You, the Blogger

Podcast Episode 10  – Interview featuring Jo Saunders from Wildfire Social Marketing

jo saunders aussie bloggers podcastJo Saunders is known as the LinkedIn Demystifier as she helps professionals connect and communicate authentically with their target audience using LinkedIn.  By using the right tools and the right strategy, she is able to teach others how to use these and attract opportunities that they may not otherwise have had.

LinkedIn is an essential platform for every professional, and Jo helps people understand how to build an online presence, as well as create a connection, communication and content strategy through training, mentoring and management.

In this episode, Jo shares her wisdom and you will learn:

  • Her worldwide social marketing business
  • When she discovered her love for writing and what she did to manage over 100 pen friends
  • What it means being known as the linkedIn Demystifier and what that means to Jo and her brand
  • How bloggers can use the power of linkedIn to better their blog and amplify themselves
  • How bloggers can give a great digital first impression on LinkedIn
  • Why you need to pay attention to your LinkedIn headline and profile
  • How to write your summary to get readers to click through to your blog
  • What types of Call to Actions you can use on LinkedIn
  • Why you should publish your content on LinkedIn and why you should never ditch your blog
  • Why links from LinkedIn to your blog are important
  • Which metrics matter on LinkedIn and what they mean to your blog
  • How up can tell how you rank in your own network and industry
  • Why you need to remember to market your content and ways in which to share it


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Kym O’Gorman Talks all things Social Media

Learn How to Use Social Media Effectively and Attract Your Target Audience

Podcast Episode 6 – Interview featuring Kym O’Gorman from Kym O’Gorman Marketing Solutions

Kym works with small to medium-sized businesses to develop social media and marketing strategies with activities that work to attract more customers, generate more revenue and achieve your business goals.aussie bloggers podcast social media Kym O'Gorman

She takes the guesswork and overwhelm out of social media, working closely with businesses, taking the time to understand your them, as well as their customers, and using the resources available to drive real results that you can measure.

So if you’re wanting to be a social media superstar like Kym, head over to the Aussie Bloggers Podcast show and listen to our interview with Kym, the Social Media Guru of our time!

In this episode, you learn:

  • Marketing and how to market your blog.
  • The best way to turn your blog into a business.
  • The tools and processes you can use to get your blog to work for you
  • How to find your target audience.
  • How to mind map your blog the traditional way.
  • What tools to use when blogging and repurposing your content.
  • The Best apps to use for images.
  • How to schedule your social media content effectively.
  • The big question … Should I date my blog post?
  • The top 3 take away marketing tips for bloggers.


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Social Media


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