Amy Stevens

Podcast Episode 45 – Travel Blogging and Partnerships

Amy Stevens was born and raised in Australia and has worked in areas as diverse as veterinary nursing, amy stevens aussie bloggers podcastcorporate television, office administration, security and health care. She relocated to Namibia after falling in love with wildlife photographer, filmmaker and author Austin Stevens. Amy spent a total of three years travelling with Austin across southern Africa and around the world. They are now settled in Australia. Amy launched the blog ‘African Adventures’ in 2016, which describes the highs and lows of adventure wilderness travel and is accompanied by her husband’s spectacular wildlife and scenic photography.

During her interview with Tan and Amanda, Amy discusses:

  • How Amy and Austin first met
  • How her blog first began
  • How she built an online presence before even starting her blog
  • Where she taps into people on social media
  • The challenges of beginning a new blog
  • How to begin your new blog
  • Getting her blog online within 7 days

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Bec Wyld – Blog Your Way Around the World

Learn What it’s Like to Be a Travel Blogger

Podcast Episode 32 – Interview featuring Bec Wyld from Wyld Family Travel

bec wyld aussie bloggers podcastWe are a family from a small country town in East Gippsland Victoria, Australia. Mark got the travel bug way back in 1999 and passed it onto me in 2003. Since then we have infected our two daughters Willow and Marley with discovering all the different wonders of the world. With our travels, we are hoping to inspire as many people as we can to get out there and travel!

So many people think it is too hard, too expensive and too restricting to travel with small children, but we are here to show everyone that it can be done and most of all that a wonderful experience can be had by the whole family!  We juggle full time jobs, school, a mortgage and a life, while fitting as much travel and day trips in as possible. In a world with increasingly less family time available, we believe traveling with our kids can only make us a closer knit family and make our kids more balanced and accepting of other children by exposing them to different cultures and nationalities along the way.

In this episode, you learn:

  • How the travel blog began
  • Secrets to managing a blog, travel, jobs, and a school routine with the girls
  • The sacrifices the family make to lead the ideal lifestyle
  • How to organise your blog while you travel
  • The process every blogger should go through to blog while overseas
  • What to do if you can’t get internet while overseas
  • How to work together with your spouse while blogging
  • The importance of goal setting
  • The best way to travel with kids on a budget

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Amanda Kendle – Travel Blogger Extraordinaire

Amanda Kendle Gives Us the Lessons She Learnt from 11 Years of Blogging

Episode 13 – Interview with the amazing Amanda Kendle

Amanda’s online life started out during the years she taught English in Japan and Europe and started writing amanda kendle aussie bloggers podcasttravel articles for some online magazines. It wasn’t long before an editor told her about a regular job going on a travel blog. And even though she didn’t really know what a blog was, she jumped at the chance of getting a monthly cheque for her writing.

From there, the online world really opened up to her. Her travel blog, Not A Ballerina was born to bring together her writing and travel thoughts in one place, and she also had several regular blogging jobs. Some of the websites she worked for provided training in using social media to promote her work – introducing her to Facebook and Twitter, among others.

Her consulting work has enabled Amanda to join forces with some fascinating clients, from personal bloggers through to government departments, small business to creative professionals. She describes herself as, “being one of those lucky people who truly loves their job”.

Amanda discusses

  • Her travel blog and why it began 11 years ago
  • Why she called her blog, “Not a Ballerina”
  • All the lessons she learnt while blogging
  • How often you should post on your blog
  • Points that attract someone to read a blog
  • How to keep visitors coming back to your blog
  • How to stop the burn out as a blogger
  • How to nurture your community
  • How to set up your readers so that unpleasant comments are kept to a minimum
  • Ways to monetise your blog
  • How to set boundaries between your online life and your home life
  • What it means to ‘batch’ your work and how to do it effectively


QUOTE:  “Master one thing and then do SOMEthing”

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