Amanda Hoffmann is interviewed by Tan about Time, Organisation and Blogging

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Check out this Interview where Tan turns the Table on Amanda Hoffmann and Interviews her!

Podcast Episode 2, featuring Amanda discussing time, organisation and BloggerSupport4All and how she manages to work all these together effectively…

Amanda talks about Time, Organisation and Blogger Support 4 AllAmanda Hofffmann talks about Time, Organisation and blogging
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  • How does Amanda maintain multiple blogs?
  • Why flexibility is important as a blogger
  • Using a content creation schedule is important
  • Find inspiration for blog topics on facebook
  • How clients questions can make the best blog articles
  • What are some online tools that a blogger can use?
  • Why Evernote is such a great organisational tool
  • Record blog ideas on the go with your mobile phone
  • The Biggest issues bloggers face and how to solve them
  • Why persistence is the key when it comes to blogging
  • What social media platforms should a blogger use?
  • Where should new bloggers go to find information and inspiration?
  • Why using freelance providers like Fiverr might be a great idea
  • Youtube has an extensive resource to find wordpress themes and how to set up your blog
  • Use a variety of medium to appeal to your audience like video, infographics and slideshare
  • Create resources that will attract your ideal reader, think outside of just using social media

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