Tan and Amanda Reflect on the Last Six Months

Aussie Bloggers Podcast 6 Month Anniversary!

Aussie Bloggers Podcast was born 6 months ago.  Tan and Amanda take a trip down memory lane and pick out the highlights from each episode. Each blogger from the last 6 months is highlighted and Tan and Amanda’s favourite parts of each episode are remembered.

Who is your favourite? Perhaps you were enchanted with the MerryMakers – Emma and Carla Pappas, or Adam Franklin and his wise words about web marketing. Maybe you enjoyed Mel Telecican talk about being a business customer coach or Keith Keller and his Twitter Magic!

Whoever you were inspired by, this fascinating round up is well worth listening to and revisiting to pick up new tips and tricks from each episode that you may have missed first time round.

Featuring Linda Reed-Enever, Trish Springsteen, MerryMaker Sisters, Jema Lee, Adam Franklin, Amanda Kendle, Mel Telecican, Jo Saunders, Lauren June McFarlane, Amanda Smyth, The Dadinator, Carly Findlay, Jennie Gorman, Jody Danson, Karyn Hogan, Kim O’Gorman, Alison Laverty, Keith Keller, Lisa Cox, Jay Crow, Kelly Exeter, Carly Jacobs, Christina Butcher and more!

Visit iTunes, Buzzsprout or our home page to find your favourite episode!

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