Trish Springsteen Talks about Productivity, Re-purposing your Blog and How to Turn Your Blog into a Book

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Check out this Interview with Trish Springsteen

Tan and Amanda talk to Trish about productivity, re-purposing and turning your blog into a book! (Listen here for free on iTunes)

Podcast Episode 3 – Interview featuring Trish Springsteen

Trish Springsteen shares in her podcast the following:

  • Trish’s passion is working with published authors and helping them to turn their books into keynote presentations. Helping her clients speak, shout out and passionately share their messageaussie bloggers podcast interview wiith Trish Springsteen
  • Trishat is all about creating confident communications
  • Trish’s ideal clients are Pro-bloggers getting out of behind the computer to in front of a audience
  • How does a blogger get their message out when they have writer’s block?
  • Watch the trends, facebook and television for inspiration
  • MasterChef – how the individuals cooking at the time failed in communication
  • Academy awards – What acceptance speeches worked, and what ones did not and why
  • Politics – A political debate in 2014 blogged about about worked and what did not.
  • How Trish Springsteen uses effective headlines for her blogs
  • Use headline analyzers
  • How to re-purpose your blogs into different mediums
  • How to create a ebook out of your blogs
  • Tips on how to add value to your blog or business





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