Vanessa Smith: The Simple Truth About Blogging

Podcast Episode 41 – The Secret to Moving Forward with Blogging

Vanessa Smith Aussie Bloggers PodcastVanessa Smith has been writing online in one form or another since about 2002, though she came to blogging fairly late in 2011.
She runs (a blog about blogging) as well as a personal blog, where anything goes! 
She also has about four other blog projects that she’d love to do, if only she could clone herself.
In 2016, Vanessa began studying social change and development to complement her undergraduate studies in anthropology. She is quietly launching her corporate escape plan with her new business, Virtual Anthropologist.


You’re going to love this honest interview as Vanessa discusses:

  • Why she began blogging and how she became an early adopter of blogging
  • Why it’s important to blog to suit you
  • What simple tips work for her
  • Her frank admission about using short posts and how that works for her
  • The truth about why Bloggers and Bacon has gone from posting five times a week to one day a week
  • What people don’t know: How to move forward with blogging


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