Alison Laverty – Video Expert

A Beautiful Interview about Video, Following Your Dreams and Valuing YOU the Blogger!

Episode 8 – Interview featuring Alison Laverty from Photoshow on DVD.

Alison Laverty is a blogger, video expert and author of The Human Touch.  She believes we all have special gifts and her book is about following your dreams and believing in the impossible.  Alison Laverty Photo Video Aussie Blogger Podcast

Together with her husband Damian, they teach people how to preserve their precious memories. They love to use technology to highlight precious memories and create video stories for people to play and celebrate at special family occasions.

Alison shares:

  • Her history and why she began blogging.
  • Her intentions for continuing to blog.
  • The three challenges she finds that people are faced with in life and suggests ways for people to overcome them.
  • The process for creating your life story using photos and video.
  • The tips she has for listeners on how clients can value and empower themselves.
  • How she finds it important to listen and counsel her clients and the ways this helps them.
  • How you can turn sorrow and sadness into gratitude using photos.
  • Why it’s important to be natural in your own settings when you take photos and shoot video.
  • Why what you do now is the most important thing to do in your life.
  • Her book titled, “The Human Touch” which comes out in 2016.

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